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Email just came in from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club that the convention brochure is online now.

In the brochure, they outline what to expect for the convention, and of course, give us a rundown of the convention exclusives.  This year, I am saddened to report, the 15-figure convention set is a 25th Anniversary reproduction of the Crimson Strike Team from 2002.

As a big vintage fan, the G.I. Joe Club figures are one of my most sought after and strongly desired figures of the entire year.  I eagerly await pictures and details online and in the newsletter so I can see what great new concepts and new ideas the Club has up their sleeves this year.  And now we’re getting 25th Anniversary reproductions of figures I already have?  No new characters, new stories, or new ideas?  One word:  Disappointment.

Utter and total disappointment.  Pictures of 25th Anniversary Tomax and Xamot figures have been floating around Asian auction sites for a while, and I continued to tell myself that the Club wouldn’t do that.  They’ve always supported the vintage fan and they’ve always told us that their medium of choice was the vintage “o-ring” style.  I am totally and completely disappointed by this choice.

They mention that the souveniers will feature members from the highly sought after “international teams”.  So, in other words, probably more 25th Anniversary repaints colored up like foreign exclusives.

I’ve been coasting on a “Resolute” high for the past 4 hours, and this is just a kick in the gut.  Bummer.