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You know, when I did my “2009 Movie Mayhem” post two weeks ago, there were a lot of films that didn’t make the cut.  Even with the “geek ties” films like Star Trek and Harry Potter don’t really have an impact with me personally, so I didn’t include them with the normal comic book fare.  But as I hear more and more about Terminator: Salvation, I realize that film was a glaring omission from my summer list.  I’m a huge fan of the Terminator universe…I loved Terminator 3, and am a devoted watcher of the Sarah Connor Chronicles (which is, unfortunately, most likely on the chopping block).  Salvation has Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, and finally takes us behind the war zone with Skynet in full control and the robots ruling the world.  Basically what we’ve been wanting to see since 1984.

Still, it didn’t seem the film was getting a whole lot of mainstream pub, so it sort of slipped my radar.  Well, not any more.

Yeah.  Uhhh…  damn.  That pretty much kicks my ass.