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Normally I reserve things like this for a “Kick Ass Custom of the Week” but in this case, I just gotta focus on the concept of this whole idea.  I’ve been a fan of Freedom’s work w/ Vexar designs for a long time, though haven’t really mentioned it here.  But with the debut of this “Build-A-HQ” concept on the JBL Forums I just had to make mention of it!

Freedom doesn’t just show us what he made, though, he gives us some amazing break downs of the materials, the measurements, and the whole process for building the Tactical Ops Center, which is step 1 in the Build-A-HQ process.  Even as a standalone piece, the Tactical Ops Center is cool enough, but looking at what he has planned for the full headquarters, I absolutely cannot WAIT to see this come to fruition.  This could be very useful as I continue to work on the big final chapter to my Dio-Story universe.  Check out tons of details on Vexar’s Pages below:

These aren’t your typical cardboard dioramas, these are full blown plastic styrene, professional looking items that’ll work in any collection or display.  Love how these came out.  Nice work!