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900411_press17-001I was never really into the Sideshow scene before G.I. Joe started getting their treatment, but as I looked into this company more and more, I get more and more impressed.  Granted, most of their offerings are still well out of my price range, but damn, I can’t argue about the quality.  I was drooling over the Storm Shadow a bit more today and came across this absolutely sickening Terminator Salvation John Connor figure.  Holy crap.  That is one damn impressive looking figure, even if he is from several years in the future.

His outfit looks fairly military in nature, but sort of “pimped out” enough to work in the G.I. Joe universe, and he is equipped to the tilt.  It doesn’t hurt that the movie looks absolutely kick ass as well.

With that earpiece, military gear, and fantastic machine gun, Christian Bale could instantly be a member of your G.I. Joe team.  One of the absolute coolest 12″ figures I’ve ever seen.  Gold.  He’s produced by Hot Toys and distributed by Sideshow, and if you’re interested, pre-order him:

John Connor 12-inch Figure – Terminator Salvation

You can see a lot more pics by clicking the banner as well.