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Some folks are starting to receive their latest Collectors’ Club newsletters for the month of April…but unfortunately there is no additional information on the 2009 Convention Exclusive figures within.  🙁

However, not all news is bad news.  According to GGPIKE of the Coil Club, the newsletter does have a very nice (though apparently somewhat small) picture spread of the upcoming Attack on COBRA Island 7-Packs with pictures of the figures and all of the gear they will be coming with!  Unfortunately, no pictures are available, but with help from George, I can describe what each figure looks to come equipped with:


  • Battle Damaged B.A.T. – Comes with all B.A.T. Attachments, and the battle damaged/normal parts, as well as the spore cannister from the Hall of Heroes.  Also has a repaint set of the vines from the Weather Dominator Battle Pack to replicate the growing plants from Issue #44!
  • Night Creeper – Comes with his crossbow, backpack and one of the swords.  Numerous black and silver paint apps on all accessories!
  • Dr. Mindbender – Comes with that funky silver “wand”, though apparently no backpack was visible.
  • Lamprey – Comes with removable vest, helmet, machine gun, pistol and what looks to be some kind of air tank with hoses.
  • Strato-Viper – The shoulder holster and pistol that we’ve all seen.
  • Alley-Viper – He is DECKED OUT.  Removable helmet a great looking shield, a nightstick, an awesome submachine gun (something new, not based off his old one).  A backpack which comes with the grappling hook launcher that is removable.
  • Range-Viper – Comes with what looks like the DTC Wave 2 Range-Viper helmet, removable machine gun belts for his chest and another one for the heavy machine gun that he comes with (which apparently looks like Tunnel Rat’s).  Hawk’s backpack in gray, and a pistol

G.I. Joe

  • Hit & Run – Sgt. Airborne base figure with Airborne’s helmet, leg harness, and gun, as well as Best of the 80’s Duke’s cross-strapped jetpack straps, all in black.  Also a separate grappling hook.
  • Recondo – A removable hat, shoulder holster, what seems to be Flint’s backpack, and Recondo’s familiar rifle.
  • SPC Altitude (Ripcord) – Parachute pack, flight helmet, black helmet, and the G36 assault rifle (with grenade launcher) that was so familiar to fans of the Spy Troops days.
  • Wet Suit – Appears to be a straight Torpedo repaint with orange head wrap, removable webgear, familiar Wet Suit backpack and undersea sled, and the rest of Torpedo’s same gear.
  • Chuckles – Shoulder holster, pistol, a satchel, and a briefcase
  • Outback – Removable tactical vest, assault rifle, removable flashlight, and backpack
  • Zap – Bazooka, backpack (with removable missiles maybe?!?), two pistols (he’s got two holsters), and helmet.

All in all, the figures look to be really nicely equipped with a ton of gear that accurately reflects the character and the figure.  I am amazed at just how much stuff they are cramming into these two 7-packs.  A great, GREAT value with some fantastic looking figures.  What a terrific sendoff for the great “25th Anniversary” homage line.

Now, maybe everyone can move forward?

Nahhh, who am I kidding?