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Hi all,

We wanted to tell you about some web site updates and new product listings.

First, the site updates: we are in the process of transitioning our site to
a new product display system that is a bit more uniform and should provide
easier access to browsing products by their various categories.  You will
still see some pages in an older-style format for awhile as we move product
into the new system.  Anything on any page with an order button next to it
is safe to order – in stock and ready to ship. 🙂

If you are having any difficulting using or browsing our site please contact
us throught the customer service form to let us know about it.  We’d like
to know what web browser you’re using, what problem(s) you experienced, and
the wording of any error or warning messages you may have received.

Moving forward into 2009 we will be bringing to you a wider selection of
product offerings at competitive prices.  Many of the product lines mentioned
herein begin this expansion.  We hope you enjoy the new offerings.  See
anything you’d like to buy, but we’re not offering it?  Contact us with your

Now, some new product announcements…


The biggest news for GI JOE currently is that Hasbro has decided to go ahead
and provide a limited release for the last vehicle assortment that includes
the Stinger Jeep, Arctic Hiss, and CLAW/FLAK set.  These will be shipping
directly from China and will not be re-ordered once sold through, so we
suggest pre-ordering to ensure order fill:

Most of Hasbro’s GI JOE promotion at Toy Fair centered around the upcoming
movie product.  There will be a number of figures and vehicles in the 3 3/4″
scale.  This product will be design, display, and play compatible with the
25th Anniversary product that we’ve all been enjoying, so this is a plus
for collectabilty!  When Hasbro officially releases sales details to vendors
we will put all product up for advance ordering.

Meanwhile, the latest GI JOE comic books, including the first issue of the
Origins series written by Larry Hama, are available here:


Our shipment of 1:18 scale paratrooper figures has arrived.  We have a
selection of WW2-era and modern special forces soldiers.


Direct from the hot new movie to your collection!  6″ detailed, articulated
figures representing the movie cast:


The new Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ action figures are a big hit with fans, and
no wonder, as Hasbro has gone all-out to make a detailed, highly articulated
action figure that all fans of these classic comic characters should love.
Included in the latest offerings are the new Wolverine: Origins movie figures!

Also available now are the Wolverine: Animated 3 3/4″ figures:


2009 is the year to be a 3 3/4″ action figure collector for sure!  Now
available from us is the Infinite Heroes line of figures representing
classics and favorites from the DC comics universe.


Later this year Mezco Toyz will release a line of your favorite horror film
bad-guys in 3 3/4″ action figure form.  For a teaser taste, check out this
Toy Fair ’09 exclusive version of Jason Vorhees with glow-in-the-dark mask.
Production of this item was limited to 1000 pieces so these will not be around
for long.  He’s only 3 3/4″ tall, but do *you* trust him to stay on your
bedroom shelf at night?


SMALLJOES.COM is pleased to ramp up our offering of 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures.
We have a big new selection of product, many classic characters from the
original and recent trilogies.

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site