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Hi all,

We wanted to tell you about some new products and other happenings here at

First, you will have noticed our product selection continuing to expand.  Be
sure to check out *all* menu categories for some cool new stuff, especially
some vintage listings.  More vintage listings in GI JOE and other categories
will be coming over the next few months.


More new IDW GI JOE comics have arrived.  Issue #3 from the main, ongoing
series and also the first of several movie prequel books which will feature
original stories focusing on one of the movie’s main characters.  This first
issue features Duke.

We are beginning to add a variety of vintage GI JOE items to the site with
more to come.  Many of these products are available in limited (often single
piece) quantities, so be sure to view the Vintage & Loose sub-categories
regularly if you’re interested.

We also have a new section for GI JOE convention exclusive merchandise from
past years.  Many of these items sold out immediately at their respective
conventions but we have tracked down a few items to sell.

Some of the older GI JOE 5-figure boxed sets are on sale for the next few
weeks only.  Check it out here:

Also, we have some GI JOE t-shirts on sale:


Marvel Universe 3.75″ figure series 3 is available for pre-order.  Also
available is Wolverine: Origins series 2, our first shipment of these will
be here any day now.


Check out the Lanard Corps! and STAR Force sections for many new listings of
single-piece vintage items.


New lower price if you purchase a complete set of Elite Force Combat Command


Be sure to check out our clearance aisle for great details.

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site