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conquest-pp-front-artDark 5cythe over at The Terror Drome has posted a wealth of great looking pictures of the recently released Target exclusive Tiger Force Tiger Rat w/ Wild Bill and Python Patrol Conquest with Python Patrol COBRA Viper.

I’m one of those folks who really isn’t wild about the Tiger Force deco.  Repaints for repaints sake…stuff that the fans like to slam Hasbro for these days are the same reason I wasn’t wild about Tiger Force back in 1989.  I absolutely hated the figure paint schemes for Python Patrol, too, though I absolutely love the vehicle deco.  The dark black and red paint colors with the criss-cross pattern is a great look, and I love the concept of Python Patrol representing a high end COBRA technology.  Still not sure I’ll be dropping thirty bucks a pop on each of these, but I can appreciate the appeal.

To see a ton more pictures, check out this thread on The Terror Drome.