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The G.I. Joe Club just sent out an email outlining a plan to allow Officer-level member access to all 2008 newsletters as .PDF files over the next week.  Then by the end of the month, the Club promises to start getting the 2009 issues posted and available online on a more regular basis as well.

This is terrific news.  Losing the online newsletter was a big blow to Club members over a year ago, and it seems like its been a long, hard road back to getting them online again.  Sounds like we’re moving in the right direction, though, and I’m thrilled to hear it.  For more info on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, check out  The actual text of the email is quoted below:

“In addition, for the Officer’s Level members, over the next week we will be loading for your reference all of the 2008 Club Magazine pdfs.   By the end of the month, we will start putting up the 2009 mags in a new online readable format.”