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Bookspot Central, a site focused on covering fictional writing spoke with Mike Costa, who is writing the upcoming “G.I. Joe: COBRA” title from IDW, focusing on Chuckles going undercover within the COBRA organization.  It promises to be a darker and more intense look at the terrorist organization.

To see what he had to say, check out the interview here.

My favorite quote about the book without a doubt is this one:

“For me, the biggest thing I’m trying to do is to figure out how an organization like Cobra would actually operate in the world today. And the biggest question there is “what is their goal?” That was the question I had to answer for myself before I could move any further, because “world domination” is the goal that the original Cobra had and, come on, that’s a goal that just doesn’t make any sense. What does it even mean? And even if someone was so insane and motivated that they could create a multi-national organization to that end… How do they make it work? What’s the plan? Who would work for them, and what would their motives be? Why would you strap a helmet on your head and engage an elite American military unit in combat so some guy who doesn’t even know your name can “rule the world?” That’s inherently ludicrous.”

COBRA’s goals throughout the comic run have always been pretty vague and ambiguous.  I’m very happy to hear that Mr. Costa (and Mr. Gage) are at least taking a look at things from this angle and considering the motivations behind COBRA doing what they do.  That and the promised “darkness” of this title are both really appealing to me.  Can’t wait.

Thanks to The Terror Drome for leading us to this information!