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G.I. Joe: COBRA co-writer Christos Gage (who is working alongside Mike Costa) spent a few minutes talking to Newsarama about his various projects, including the upcoming limited series, G.I. Joe: COBRA, which is hitting comic shops March 18th.

Check out the video here, specifically starting at the 1:47 mark.

The full transcription is here:

Mike Costa – who is a very talented up-and-coming young writer and who someday soon I will be coming to, begging for him to help me get work – and I are writing a G.I. Joe: Cobra mini-series that is the most hardcore G.I. Joe that you will ever read. I’m serious.

I’ll be honest. One of the reasons I brought Mike in to co-write is because, a) I was really busy, but also he knows the world and I don’t know the world very well. This is the kind of thing, the character of Chuckles, the things we’re doing with him? I’m like, if they did this with Daredevil, I’d be really mad. I was like, “Are people gonna be really mad at me?” And Mike’s like, “Hasbro’s fine with it, it’ll be really cool!”

We’re having a lot of fun. If you like Ed Brubaker’s Sleeper, even if you’ve never read a G.I. Joe book, you should get this because it’s about a guy, a character named Chuckles infiltrating Cobra. And in the name of trying to bring them down from within, he’s forced to do even more and more evil and extreme stuff, and it’s a question about “If you’re doing the wrong things for the right reasons, can you maintain your sanity, your humanity and your soul?”

Thanks to HELLSTROM of the JoeReloaded forums for this info.