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wave5_vehiclesAmongst the fandom hooplah that Hasbro hates us because they cancelled a wave of vehicles, BigBadToyStore announces that pre-orders for the Wave 5 Vehicles have been reborn.  Check out the link here.

Thanks to Mysterious Stranger as well as Irid70 of for pointing out the info.

I’ll be honest here.  I’m kind of flabberghasted about how riled up the fandom got over these things, especially once it was revealed we’d be getting the figures in separate 7-packs.  I think the vehicles look great, but let’s face it.  One pack as the CLAW (which everyone hates) and the FLAK (which, in my opinion, is no great shakes itself), while the other sets consist of a Stinger (pretty much an exact reproduction of the one from 1984, though it does have some really nice updates, to be sure) and a white HISS tank with some minor tooling modifications.

I’m not saying these vehicles are terrible…nothing of the sort.  But once it was revealed that we’d be able to get Outback and Strato-Viper outside of these vehicles, I’m really stunned that the fans would be so vehemently irrate about a few vehicles that were most likely getting worked into the movie line anyway.

Ah, well…just another item in a long list of things I will never understand.  I am glad to see the vehicles being re-submitted for pre-order, though.  Even though I was neither ecstatic (nor heartbroken) when the vehicles were announced, and then cancelled, these are some nice pieces, the Stinger is awesome, and I do look forward to getting that.  With the 7-packs coming, I doubt I’ll get the FLAK/CLAW set, and I’ll have to wait to see the HISS in person before making my decision.  I am happy for the fandom, though, it seems like they really want to get their hands on these.  Awesome to see Hasbro coming through for the fandom on this as well.