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I know I blasted some pictures up already, but I wanted to divide things up and organize the photos a bit better so folks know exactly what’s coming out when and in which waves.  READ MORE…




  • The MARS 3-Pack is the “Preview” set bridging the gap between the vintage stuff and the movie stuff
  • Projectile launchers are included for play value for the kids, but each figure will be fully equipped with more standard weapons as well, to maintain collector desirability.
  • There will be 35 single-packed figures for the movie in 2009
  • The Eagle/Star logo is the new “G.I. Joe” logo going forward
  • Lots of Troop builders, and a definitive “hierarchy” throughout the COBRA ranks
  • Items in the “FUTURE?” gallery are things spotted in the showroom without a definitive place according to the press info.  They may indeed be Wave 2/3 figures.