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LeonardoTDragon, the admin over at JoeBattleLines has uncovered some neat info buried on

According to this listing, there is an upcoming G.I. Joe 4-Pack entitled an “Intro Pack” which is slated to include Duke, Agent Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Roadblock.  While it’s unknown at this point what new tooling (if any) will be utilized, this could be a great opportunity to get some updated versions of Duke (with fixed arms), Agent Scarlett, and Roadblock.    Is this legit?  It’s a tough call.  There are some inconsistencies and even some spelling errors in the description, so it’s pretty tough to tell, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.  It also appears to come with a DVD, and a “light up” G.I. Joe sign.  No pictures as of yet, and take this all with a BIG grain of salt with no official confirmation.  Hopefully we’ll see something at Toy Fair on the 14th!