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dtc_coverReports in from M6D of that the GIJoeClub exclusive comic book Direct to COBRA: Ambush in the Swamp is shipping now!

It features a number of characters pulled from the Collectors’ Club library of exclusives, as well as several characters from the Valor Vs. Venom, and Direct to Consumer days, as well as some nice character profiles of the DTC Outback, Falcon, Copperhead, Airtight, and Demolisher.

Written to tie in with the latest DTC Wave 4 exclusive figures available at the shop, Falcon, Outback, Airtight, Night-Viper, Munitia, COBRA Officer, and Python Patrol Copperhead.

Check this thread at JoeSightings, or this thread at JoeBattleLines for more information.

You can also buy this comic now at the shop!