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Just in from Hasbro Public Relations…  the G.I. Joe Q & A Sessions will be resuming effective immediately!

The next round of questions will be due next Monday by noon, so start getting those brain cells firing.  In the past GeneralsJoes and JoeSightings have worked together to get a single 5-pack of questions answered, but starting in 2009, GeneralsJoes and JoeSightings will be able to submit separate entries to maximize the Joe fan’s “bang for your buck”.  Of course, this year it looks like the pool of questions has been reduced to “3” per outlet, but I think we still have the best opportunity to get our questions answered by splitting the coverage.

Please use the Comments in this thread to submit your questions, and I’ll pick and choose and we’ll try to uncover whatever info nuggets we can find.

Huge thanks to Hasbro for commiting to this very fan-friendly project for 2009!

EDIT – Just in case anyone didn’t notice above, the question limit for 2009 has been reduced to THREE per outlet.  Just something to keep in mind.