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At first I wasn’t really crazy about the Resolute 5-Pack that was shown a while ago, but it has quickly grown on me…Duke especially.

The 25th Anniversary B.A.T. was about as perfect as you could be, but honestly, I think this new version suits the Resolute “universe” perfectly.  From everything we’ve heard about Resolute, it’s a darker, more serious, more violent rendition of the G.I. Joe world, and these B.A.T.s fit that theme to a “T”.  You don’t really appreciate just how dark and gritty the figures are with the gray and dark red trim, but once you ge these in hand…wow.  Sure, there aren’t a ton of paint apps, but with the shadowed chest plate, the deep red facemask, and the black wash everywhere, you end up with a very dark almost “Shadow B.A.T.” type of android trooper.  I really dig it, even more now that I have it in hand.

The COBRA Commander really captivated it the moment I saw it, too, even if none of the other figures in the 4-pack did anything for me.  I love the COBRA sigil on the hood, I love the pads on the legs, and I just really like the overall look.  A very neat figure.  I didn’t want to pay thirty bones for the 4-pack, but I was able to find the single figure on eBay as many other fans have seen.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these two.