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No, it’s not 100% confirmed, but at this point it’s quite obvious.

I’ve covered the first three hints from the Collectors’ Club extensively in this post, and now, according to jamarmiller from The Blood for the Baron, the 4th clue is:

“We battle in foreign lands but NOT in the shadows.
You’ve seen us before, but now we bend more.”

Now this does add a level of minor confusion…the Collectors’ Club does emphasize the “NOT” when referring to the Shadows.  Are they trying to tell us the set doesn’t involve the Red Shadows?  Perhaps just Action Force against some international COBRA threat?  I hope not.  I would love for them to take the head sculpt from the old Palitoy Red Shadows figure and retool it to work on the more common G.I. Joe construction, but I’m still a bit curious about the wording of those hints.

Obviously the “You’ve seen us before, but now we bend more” is referring to the fact that many of the old Palitoy figures had limited, Star Wars-style articulation.  So, it’s evident that there is at least a heavy Action Force element to this year’s Convention Set.  Whether or not the Red Shadows are in fact involved, though, is still up for debate, I’d say.