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Any fan of the G.I. Joe comics, or even fans of comics in general need to bookmark this link.

It’s a sub-forum on Phil Kost’s site, and it’s called the “Atkins Sketch Blog”.  Essentially it’s a spot for G.I. Joe comic artist Robert Atkins to show and talk about his pencils and the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into producing the art for the monthly book.  There is some awesome insight, some terrific pencils, and a fantastic peek “inside the head” of the current artist on the monthly G.I. Joe book.  With each issue (and each post in the above forum) I’m becoming a bigger and bigger Robert Atkins fan, so check out that link and keep going back, there’s always something cool in there to see.

Below is a little highlight of the cover art for Issue #4, and it’s only a tiny sample of the great stuff posted on the forums.  Check it out.