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So most folks have probably seen the lackluster pictures of the possible upcoming COBRA Viper Squad 5-Pack that’s slated to be a Toys “R” Us exclusive.  This info was leaked by a regional board called the Coil, and now that same board has an update!

We all saw that one of the Vipers had a swappable head (no that is NOT a removable helmet) and many folks hypothosized that it was Mercer.  Well, the Coil comes through again with filecard pics!

Check ’em out.

While I’m very bummed out that this set has the same unfortunate flaws that the original Vipers had, the inclusion of Mercer is very cool, and if they HAD fixed the arms, this would have been a “can’t miss” set.  Instead it’s a sub-standard offering with the highlight of including Mercer.  That’s such a nice touch that it almost makes it MORE disappointing that the figures themselves still have those same structural problems.