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Well, are you?  If you’re not, why the hell not?

This show seems like a “no brainer” for any G.I. Joe fan…anyone who is complaining about the movie not being “realistic” enough, or is fascinated with the idea of G.I. Joe being a more “real world” special ops team, then this is the EXACT show you should be watching every week.  It rocks.

I know some people have complained about how much of a focus there is on the wives, but to me, those are just minor sidetracks to an adventure and action show that absolutely blows all other shows out of the water.  It’s not just the action or the content, it’s got exceedingly smart writing, clever dialog, and fantastic, “gripping” plotlines.  The show is not afraid to tackle tough issues and is about as far from “status quo” as you can get with reality infused television garbage these days.  This show is awesome.

Check out a few clips to get a taste (please forgive the Christina Aguilera shorts before them… :shifty: ):