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Is that blasphemous?  I mean Hasbro invented 12″ action figures right?  They kind of have a 45 year history with the whole thing.

Well, yeah, of course, but the main difference is that Hasbro makes 12″ figures for Joe and Jane Consumer to be sold at Wal-Mart for twelve bucks.  Obviously they’ve got some limitations.  Sideshow Collectibles has thrown all limitations out the window, and priced their 12″ offerings at a dubious $100+ per figure, which I might think would scare off a good majority of even the most hardcore G.I. Joe collectors.

Regardless of this fact, Sideshow puts their mouth where the money is and when you invest big bucks, you get a huge return.

Check out Monkey Depot’s review of the new 12″ Snake Eyes, then take a few minutes to clean the drool out of your keyboard.  How many kinds of kick ass is that?