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I know a lot of folks know that there’s a lot of G.I. Joe info in the latest Toy Fair, but being as Resolute is where my main love affair is these days, I figured I’d post something collecting as much of that info as possible. This is all gleaned from a few different articles and interviews in the magazine. If you like the information here, support ToyFare by buying it! 😉

  • A picture shows Duke, Snake Eyes, Stalker and Spirit, Spirit being a character we had not previously known about
  • There will be plenty of surprise characters showing up, but also some “twists” on familiar characters.
  • As we know, 60 minutes broken into 5 minute chunks with a 10 minute finale.  Scheduling is still being worked out, release should “certainly be sometime in the spring of 2009”.
  • Michael Verrechia reports that a way to add drama is to “lose characters”, but they need to find the right way to do it, “doing it in a way that made sense and not just for shock value”.

Most of the other information in the article is stuff we know already, but it’s always cool to see some added information from Hasbro.  There are quite a few words about the movie, and it sounds like this film is going to be full of serious “over the top” action, which can be good or bad.  Time will tell, I’ll wait for some footage before making a judgement on that.