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So…I’ve always been an unabashed Comic fan from day one.  Ever since I set my eyes on that huge, oversized Treasury Edition of G.I. Joe #1, I was captivated by the rich history and unique writing style that Larry Hama managed to weave for what was essentially a children’s toy tie-in.  As with every licensed property, there were several ups and downs, but for the first 4 or 5 years of the comic history, it was mostly ups.  It would be tough to argue that the series in general didn’t go downhill during the 90’s, it most certainly did, for whatever reason.  Whether it was Hasbro’s influence, a matter of the material just running its course, or Mr. Hama writing himself into a few corners, I’m not sure.  Regardless, the multiple brainwashings, the huge  focus on Snake Eyes (and tieing so many characters into his past), and other such events left a bit of a black mark on the legacy of the Marvel series.

When Devils’ Due took it over they added their own unique spin to it, giving it a big time cartoon influence, and their success was, shall we say, mixed.  Again, there were ups and downs, but it seemed the “downs” outweighed the “ups”.  Just as we got into a great rhythm with Mike Powers, Mike O’Sullivan, and Mike Bear, we got thrust into the WW III storyline, which was an event that Devils’ Due just couldn’t really get their hands on, especially when the license slipped away.

So now the movie is coming…the 25th Anniversary brought a resurgence to the brand, and Hasbro has handed the keys to the car over to IDW, who has done an admirable job with the Transformers license.  Their #0 issue came out a short while ago to mixed reviews (I loved it, others not so much).  IDW in general has already been on a roller coaster ride with the whole “new continuity” business, and I can see certain points of view on that subject.  Personally, I welcome a “fresh start”.  The Marvel history will always have it’s place in my heart, but let’s face it, the mythos has gotten pretty heavy and combersome  (especially with DDP’s involvement), and I think to do justice to the brand, it needed a clean start.

Well, Issue #1 is coming out Wednesday, and Phil Kost, administrator over on the fantastic G.I. Joe Reloaded Comics Forum has given us a nice 5-page preview.  Check it out here!

Not much to sink our teeth into yet, but I’m looking forward to the ride.  Unlike many folks, I’m really into this new continuity…I love the angle that the Joe team members have been “written off” in the real world, and the book is already coming off as a bit “edgier”.  I’m really not into edgy for edgy’s sake, but I’ve giving IDW the benefit of the doubt.  So far, things seem to be going in a cool direction.  Time will tell.