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Most folks have seen it already, but if not, has revealed the new Resolute 5-Pack that we’ve seen pre-orders for here, with more pics available here.

Now normally I don’t rehash news stories much here, because by the time I have a minute to talk about them, the entire fandom knows about it already, but since this is Resolute, I figured I was pretty much obligated to at least discuss it, with this being my favorite Joe toyline evah.  :shifty:

I will agree with the majority (for once) on this one, though, and express some sadness that we’re already getting somewhat inundated with repaints for a line that only has 3 figures in it.  I was a bit hopeful when I saw that there was to be a “COBRA Officer” in this set that maybe we’d get some blueshirt version of the officer in this new gear, but instead we have a pair of Crimson hued troopers.  I actually really love that shade of red, it’s dark and disturbing, but the red trooper thing has been so overdone recently that this loses a lot of its impact.  Besides that, the only real visible difference I can see between this blood trooper and blood officer is the single crest on the helmet.  Perhaps there are more differences if we get a closer look, but they certainly aren’t visible at this point.

COBRA Commander looks pretty cool, but again, the black and red is pretty cliche’d right now.  I will say that this B.A.T. is far and away my favorite iteration of the character, though.  For whatever reason I REALLY dig this dark red trim and almost “rusty” motif the entire figure has.  Very dark, very serious, and very cool.  I’d love to build a small squad of these new B.A.T.’s, but alas I will not buy several $30 5-packs to do so.  I’m hoping there is some sort of explanation for the red troops in the Resolute animated feature, though.  I LOVE the look, I just would have liked a more generic Officer.

Duke, though, I will say right up front, I LOVE.  The new gray and black color scheme is very cool, and the glider rocks!  Once again I cannot help but notice a trend towards the Sigma 6 “style” with these figures, as this version of Duke is quite reminiscent of the “Jet Wing” version we got in the 8″ line.  The almost Wild-Weasel style helmet, the cool jetpack, the grayish uniform.  I see a lot of Sigma 6 in here, and unlike most fans, I consider that a good thing.  😉

Anyway…I will be picking this set up, and look forward to seeing how the figures look first hand, though I’m a bit disappointed that it’s taking the same 3 characters we’ve already gotten and is just re-doing them, especially when the future of any non-movie toys is so foggy.  Time will tell.