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The gentlemen over at ToyNewsInternational have debuted close up press pictures of the new Resolute boxed set!  When this was first announced, just the listing of the name made me shake my head a bit.  Honestly?  Another Duke?  Another COBRA Commander and COBRA Trooper?  The idea of the COBRA Officer at least had me excited…

When pictures were first shown, I was very disappointed.  Not much in the way of new tooling, and we weren’t even getting a standard Officer, just some red-garbed guy who looked a lot like the red-garbed Trooper in the same set.  What the heck was this?

Well…  I’m hoping my Resolute-love bias isn’t playing into this, but as time has gone on, I’ve found myself a lot more interested in this set.  It is appealing to me a LOT more than it was.  COBRA Commander, Trooper, and Officer, as rehashed as they all are, come across very, VERY striking in this deep, blood red and black color scheme.  I’m really loving the idea of a Resolute themed “death squad” of COBRA’s  so to speak, that aren’t really like the Crimson Guard in the comics, but much more of a “wetwork” type of COBRA team (hence the blood-color of the uniforms).  The B.A.T. has also grown on me, too, and I’m really loving that dirty black, heavily paint washed and dark red color scheme, too.  It ties in with the other COBRA’s very nicely, and accents the awesome Anniversary tooling of the B.A.T. as well.

But the “gem” in this set, is far and away the Duke.  Anyone who doesn’t think that Sigma 6 was at least some sort of inspiration for Some of the Resolute designs just isn’t paying attention.  That is an awesome rendition of a “Jet Wing” style Duke, only in 3 3/4″ form.  I really dig it.  In fact, part of me is starting to like this set MORE than the COBRA 5-Pack that was just listed on BBTS.

Click here to check out the pics on TNI!