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All right, so I’m not even coming up with a new title this time.  Shoot me.

Truth is, things have been pretty tough in my corner of the world lately, at least financially.  I lost my Internet access for close to two months, and I apologize for my absence.  Of cours, since everyone thinks that Justin rights my articles except for me and (sometimes) Justin, I won’t waste too much time on a subject that’s so maudlin.

Some thoughts from the last few months:

– My brother, Rob, who’s been into G.I. Joe since the very beginning like me, broke my long string of “Christmases without G.I. Joe Gifts” by giving me a Target-excluisve, 25th Anniversary Rattler.  I love this plane as much now as I did in 1984.  I managed to not buy anyone in my family something they didn’t already have for the first time since roughly 1992.

– My step-brother’s kids are into G.I. Joe, too!  Maybe there’s something to this “toys are for kids” thought after all…

– I am waaaaaaaay behind on my collection.  You think we could get Hasbro to not release anything for about four months so I can get caught up?  Oh.  They are?  Sweet.

– If a tree falls in the woods and hits a FOX News Correspondent, would anyone care?

– I’ve had the chance to catch up with my DVD collection a little bit, and I’ve come to the conclusion that “The Tick” was one of the greatest cartoons ever produced, and certainly one of the most subversive to ever air on Saturday morning.  Buy Seasons One and Two, and maybe they’ll be good enough to you to put out Season Three sometime this year.

– Gary, Jay and I got together for lunch on Tuesday and celebrated the Inauguration by having a normal day.  Lost in the hubbub of the standard festivities is the simple beauty of our country’s bloodless, violence-free transition of power.  God Bless America, and best of luck to the new President.

That’s all for now, everyone.  Thanks for listening, and no “News Dumps” next time… I promise.