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First, Justin gushes about cartoons, and now I’m sneaking in a comic book plug.  What’s this G.I. Joe blog coming to?

Over the summer, Cellar Door Publishing put out a graphic novel called “Minister Jade,” which is, in the words of its creator, Steve Bialik, “a superhero story set in ancient China.”  Those of you who frequent the forums at JoeSightings may remember me plugging it in my signature there for the better part of 2008.  Hopefully, some of you made your way to the Cellar Door website or your local comic shop and picked up this great book.

I’m bring this up because now you can add “award-winning” to the list of accolades for “Minister Jade.”

The American Library Association has named “Minister Jade” one of its 2009 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, and stood Steve alongside such comic-book heavyweights as Geoff Johns, Robert Kirkman, and Ed Brubaker.  Steve’s a friend, and although I’d never tell him to his face because I’d be too busy picking on him, I’m awfully proud of him and his work.  “Minister Jade” was Steve’s first graphic novel (he wrote and drew it by himself), and a sign of more great creations to come.

Check it out!