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Hi all,

We wanted to tell you about a few new things going on at SMALLJOES.COM.


We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the Extreme Conditions 7-figure
Cobra troop builder sets, one set with an arctic theme and the other a
desert theme.  These sets will not be available at retail stores.

We currently have wave 6 (’08) and wave 7 (’08) single-carded figures in
stock.  Complete sets are available at a discounted price.  Figures
including Duke, original Cobra outfit Storm Shadow, and Scarlett have also
been restocked.

Wave 5 and 6 of the comic 2-figure packs are now in stock.  We have a small
quantity of the obsidian mask variant version of Destro/Iron Grenadier set.

The preview issue (#0) of the new IDW GI JOE comic books series is here.
The book previews and sets up the two new GI JOE series that IDW will be
unleashing early in 2009.  Just a few copies left of the very limited retailer
incentive collectible covers.


After a very quiet year 21st Century has finally unveiled their long-awaited
German 88mm Flak in 1:18 scale.  This incredibly detailed model of the FlaK
36 88mm Gun is magnificent 14 inches in length and stands well over a foot
tall.  The gun both elevates and traverses, the two side cruciform legs fold
for transport configuration and the carriages detach from the gun base. For
adult collectors only.


Indiana Jones figure have been placed on on sale due to the positive
response receive to our last sale.  50% or more off most items.


Be sure to check out our clearance aisle for great deals on product that we
want to move out of the warehouse.  We recently moved some Microman assort-
ments over to this section at over 60% off original retail price.  Don’t
miss this opportunity with the gift-buying season approaching!

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site