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Well…it’s also the first “custom of the week”…  :shifty:

Folks who are new to the Joe scene probably don’t know that I used to do customs “back in the day”.  It’s been a while, but the first site I actually built was to showcase my customs.  Witness the Angelfire goodness right here!

As time went on I lost a bit of the drive (aka skill) to continue on my custom path, but I recognize a good kick ass custom when I see it.  And Spin Doctor gave it to me this time around.  Check out the awesomeness that is “End of Days Destro“.

The combination of Anniversary parts and Superhero Showdown Dr. Doom parts is cool enough…but add on the rocket launchers and chaingun?  Damn.  I love me some pseudo-future apocalyptic sci-fi, and this hits on all counts.  Great job on this one, just had to showcase it here.

Let me know if you like this feature.  If so, maybe I’ll do a kick ass custom of the week every week…