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The venerable has once again come up with pics of soon-to-be-released toys.  I’m not normally one to horde news over on this site, but when it comes to Resolute, I’m so unashamedly in love with it already I gotta revel in every little tidbit!

Anyway, the aforementioned HissTank has posted pics of two new Comic Packs, Shockblast vs. Destro and Storm Shadow vs. Tunnel Rat.  While plenty of folks will go “ga ga” over Shockblast and Tunnel Rat (with decent reason, they both look pretty awesome), I’m all about that Destro!  Quite possibly the first real look at a Resolute figure, he’s got some great sculpting on those baggy pants and a very unique look.  It’s gotten me even more excited to see these figures hit!

Rumor has it that Big Bad Toy Store is getting their shipment in possibly as early as this week.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing it!