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Well the Baseball “second season” begins tonight, and of course the game I’m most interested in doesn’t air until 10:00pm Eastern time.  🙁

Seriously, isn’t there some sort of better “middle ground” than that?  East  Coast folks who want to follow the Red Sox have to stay up until 1am to watch a baseball game on a Wednesday night?  I know the Sox are primetime material, but man, this is ridiculous.

On another note, I’ve been reading a lot of “doom and gloom” talk for the Sox, especially centering around Josh Beckett’s health.  Personally I’m not really concerned.  I know Beckett has injury history, but let’s face it, he has not been pitching like a number one starter all year long.  I think it’s possible that Francona is perhaps bumping him back in the rotation, but letting him keep some face by putting an “injury” out there to explain it away.  Lester has been our ace for nearly the entire season, and while Dice-K always makes things interesting, he did still log 18 wins and a team-best ERA.  So while it doesn’t look like I’ll even be able to watch all of the games, I’m still really confident about the Lester, Matsuzaka, Beckett lineup.  The Angels will be a tough out, though.

Go Sox!