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So this past weekend we had a little…event…with our family camera.  A “fatal” event we should say.  Because of this, I find myself suddenly scrambling to figure out a way to continue reviews, continue dio-stories and basically continue to produce product for the online community that I’ve come to expect from myself.  It also came at a time when money was exceptionally tight.  I wasn’t sure what to do.

So I opened up to the fans out there, and you guys have answered the call so far.  In only a little over 48 hours, I’ve already accumulated 50% of what I need to get this new camera and get the reviews and such rolling in again.  48 measly hours and I’m already halfway to this new Fuji, which will only make the content on the site more vibrant.  I thank you all very much.  If things keep going on like this, maybe I’ll be hitting Best Buy this weekend and get some stuff posted for early next week.  That would be awesome.

Thanks very much, guys.  If you are so inclined, hit that “Donate” link in the upper left corner of the page.  If not, that’s cool with me, too, it won’t effect what I do for the site, I just figure the quicker I get this camera, the sooner you guys can get the content you’re looking for.  😉

Thanks once again.  You guys are awesome.