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EDIT – Okay, apparently I totally misread the press release…turns out Dixon’s book doesn’t continue from the 80’s Hamaverse, it’s a “future” look at the Hamaverse that’s coming up in ’09.  Hrm.  Weird.  Not sure what I feel about that, but I’ll check it out as it gets released…

The news comes from Phil Kost’s excellent JoeReloaded website/forum and comes straight from an IDW Press Release.  According to this press release, there will be THREE ongoing G.I. Joe comic book series next year…G.I. Joe overload!

The primary title, simply called G.I. Joe, will be written by Chuck Dixon with art by Robert Atkins…and it takes place in the Hamaverse!  Saweet!

Yeah, apparently it’s a future Hamaverse, not the old school Hamaverse, and it’s exploring a new timeline in a future with characters we don’t even know yet.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.

This is very cool news to me.  While I wasn’t heartbroken over the choice to go with a “retelling” of the origin, it’s so awesome to see someone taking up where Larry left off and this gives us a great chance to move forward and move on.  For folks who are devoted to the original Hamaverse, it’s a great option for them to keep moving on.

Well, I misread the release, so Strike Three on me.  Sorry ’bout that.  I’ll just wallow in my confusion over here…  :shifty:

For the other folks who want a fresh take, Larry Hama himself is helming G.I. Joe: Origins, which is a retelling of the Joe mythos.  I’m up for that, too, just to see what Larry can do with G.I. Joe history and a clean slate.  Looking forward to this, too.

Third is G.I. Joe: COBRA, which seems to be an inside look at the evil terrorist organization determined to rule the world.  It’s a 4-Part mini-series, but I think it sounds pretty bad ass.  I can’t really tell if it matches the original Hama universe or the new “Origins” universe, but it sounds like a neat concept regardless.

From all intents and purposes between the comic(s), the Resolute cartoon, and the movie, 2009 is going to be HUGE.  Personally, I’m going to at least try all three titles.  If I don’t like ’em, I won’t buy ’em all, but I’m going to at least give them a shot.  As long as it’s more coherent and cohesive than the Transformers mess has been (at least in my opinion) I’ll be happy.  Time will tell.