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I won’t pretend to be a great writer (or even a good one), I know my own limits, after all.  But something I can admit to at least being somewhat effective in is presentation.  Even if my story or plot is somewhat weak (by my own admission) I can usually zap it up a little bit with some loud colors, big explosions and fancy special effects to supplement the story.  In a perfect world, I would be an expert story crafter, but I honestly don’t feel like I am, so if I can “pretty things up” to overcome those shortcomings, I’m all for it.  Because I tend to use some more elaborate special effects, I’m often asked how I do certain things or accomplish certain tasks.  I really only have one answer all-encompassing answer:  Lots of time, lots of “on the job learning” and almost ten years of experience at this point.

There are no easy answers, but there are definitely easy “processes” and I figure now that I have this more open-ended format, what better way to use it than to finally give so many people what they’ve been asking for?

So I leave the first step up to you.  With my current camera difficulties I’m relying on things I can help with that don’t require picture taking, so keep that in mind.  Also keep in mind that I hope to cover anything and everything you want to know, so please don’t think that if you don’t vote for a particular option this time around that you’ll never get to hear more about it.

But enough of that.  I basically took a few of my most asked questions and created a poll for readers to decide what THEY want to see.  This poll will last for one week, and I’ll make sure there’s a link on the front page for easy access.   Help me help you.  😉  Let’s get this rolling!n


Keep in mind that this is my first time playing with this “poll” plug in, so have patience if it doesn’t work quite right.