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As far as I’m concerned, the new TV season officially starts today.  The final season of FX’s excellent series “The Shield” beings airing tonight, and while I don’t see how TV could get much better than that throughout the rest of the year, I am shocked to find that there are actually a number of shows I plan on checking out this year.  Normally my TV slate is pretty few and far between.  I can’t stand sitcoms and don’t do much in the way of prime time dramas…and reality TV?  It’s, quite simply, the work of the devil.

So that doesn’t leave me much to watch these days…at least until now apparently.  Sitting back and looking at my upcoming “schedule” I find a remarkable number of shows I’ll be checking out this year.  In no particular order:

1 – The Shield.  As I mentioned above, a great serialized Cop drama that everyone knows about by now.  Sometimes it goes a little too far for shock value, but a great show all told, and solid for every season it’s aired so far.
Start Date: September 2nd
Recommended website: Official Site.

2 – Heroes.  Season 1 rocked my ass, but Season 2 failed to hold my interest much.  I’m hoping it was the writer’s strike and that Season 3 picks up where the first season left off.  It looks pretty promising so far from the trailers:

That alone makes me pretty excited about the upcoming season…  here’s hoping for more “Season 1” and less “Season 2”.
Start Date: September 22
Recommended website: HeroesTheSeries.Com

3 – The Unit.  One of the best shows no one is watching.  Any G.I. Joe fan should absolutely check out this show, it was made for guys like us.  A lot of folks have complained about the “Soap Opera” drama of the family lives of the Unit members, but the military action is well worth it, and has become much more of a focus in the last two seasons.  A great, GREAT show with military action and a very “G.I. Joe” feel.  I was certain it was being cancelled after last year’s abbreviated season, but it appears to be coming on again, which is great news.
Start Date: September 28
Recommended Website: Official Site

4 – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I was certain this was going to be terrible.  Even with the excellent Lena Headey and always “appealing” :shifty: Summer Glau I wasn’t convinced that this series would take off.  Well, I was wrong.  I fell for this show pretty quickly, and I am ecstatic that it’s coming back for another season.  And it airs next Monday!  Great news.
Start Date: September 8
Recommended Website: TerminatorChronicles.Com

5 – Dexter.  I don’t have Showtime, but thank goodness for other…  “avenues” that can be used to see great TV shows like this.  An excellent drama focusing on a good-guy serial killer who only uses his talents for good.  Surprisingly gripping, surprisingly humerous, but not surprisingly an excellently acted, paced, and formatted TV series.  Watch this one at all costs.
Start Date: September 28
Recommended Website: Official Site

6 – Any and all Football!  T-Minus two days until the official start of the 2008 NFL season.  Need I say more?!?

This is just a list of the existing shows that I am looking forward to…I have a small list of new shows that I want to check out, but may leave that for a future installment, this one’s getting long as it is!