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“It was the third of September

That day I’ll always remember…”

– The Temptations, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

Of course, that’s where the similarities between this post and the classic Temptation song ends, but I had to work it in here somewhere.  I like doing that with song lyrics that mention a specific day.  (Really!  Wait until June 6, better known as “Convoy Day.”)

I don’t have anything too substantive to rail on about right now, other than my cable is out and I can’t watch telelvision to make myself tired or at least annoyed enough with its programming to where I can grumble myself off to Slumberland, but I did need to pop in and give some props to Justin for allowing me to help him with this particular endeavor.  I know that “General’s Joes” means a lot to him, and it, as such, means a lot to me to have a role in its future.

That said, fans (and I use that term very, very loosely) of my years of message-board based, caustic sarcasm as “Beach-Head” on Joesightings, JoeBattleLines, JOhio and a few others need to be reassured that:

  • The New York Giants, my NFL team of birthright, and their victory in Super Bowl XLII will be brought up at every available opportunity.  I will retain these bragging rights over this site’s owning party in perpetuity, even if the Giants go 0-16 every season hereafter, until a plucky band of upstart New England Patriots rallies behind a beleaguered quarterback and defeats a heavily-favored, overconfident Giants team in a future Super Bowl sometime before my eventual death.  (I like my odds.)
  • The statement “Sigma 6 G.I. Joes were great toys that came along in the wrong climate and were sabotaged by truly horrific cartoon representation” will continue to be replaced with “SIGMA 6 IS DEAD.  D-E-A-D DEAD,” purely for emotional effect.  (I apologize in advance to those this may offend, except Justin.)
  • The current successes of the Boston Red Sox will continue to be referred to as “cute,” at least until they win 10 more World Series Championships.  They have to nudge past the St. Louis Cardinals for “Second-Most Successful Baseball Team Ever” before I’ll give them the term “rival.”  (It should be noted, however, that for a Yankees fan I’m pretty critical of my team.)
  • Justin’s love for fluorescent-colored action figures will continue to be mocked mercilessly, until he admits that real ARAH G.I. Joes stopped being made in 1989.

I realize that I’m doing a terrible job of keeping this first post brief, but bear in mind that this is for antiquity.  Good night and good luck.