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Well, I continue to be impressed and humbled by the online G.I. Joe fandom who have come to my aid!  My camera died 6 days ago, and it took all of 5 days for the fans of this site to come together, pool their resources and really blow me away with their generosity.

This isn’t something that will become a habit, believe me.  In fact, I hope I never ever have to do it again, and I don’t plan on doing it ever again.  But I am pleasantly surprised at the positive responses I’ve gotten throughout.

Thanks to everyone for their donations, however large or small, they all made a difference, and I’m going camera shopping this weekend!

How’s about we have a little fun with this, too?  Anyone have any requests for the first pictures they want me to take with the new Fuji?  Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Thanks one and all.  You guys are awesome!