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Everyone’s fired up for G.I. Joe: Resolute…including me.  I’m so fired up, I’m devoting a LOT of attention to the series here.  Anything you want to find on Resolute, I’m planning on featuring it here pretty heavily.  To date, this is what’s been collected about the series.

The Clip:

The Art:

Entertainment News International


Warren Ellis Blog
Resolute Post

WikiPedia Page
Con Recap on YoJoe with lots of Resolute Info

Also, keep your eyes open on  It’s a dead site right now, but registration info shows Hasbro as the domain registrar, so something will no doubt be coming.

Also, stay tuned to GeneralsJoes this weekend!  I’m going to be celebrating the upcoming “Resolute” as well as the retail releases of the Mass Device and Revenge of COBRA Battle Packs by doing the “Top 5” scenes from each of the first two mini-series.  Should be fun!