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If I had the time and energy for such things, I’d go back over all the G.I. Joe message boards for the last year and a half, just to see how many fans clamored for the release of a red-emblemed COBRA Trooper, and then compare that to the number of supposed “fans” that are screaming bloody murder about how they’re being released now.

Are you guys kidding me?  Hasbro gives you exactly what you say you want, and you complain anyway?

Crazy.  Well, that’s the kind term for it, anyway.

Look, I want to see the likes of Airtight, Recondo, Footloose, Dr. Mindbender, Ripcord and the like in the 25th Anniversary line as much as the next guy, but don’t you think that the Big H deserves a little slack on this one?  Every fourth wave is a repaint wave, and they’re putting out what’s probably been the most asked-for repaint in it.  I can see getting upset about the neon-green Ninja Viper, or the far-too-faithful recreation of the Python Patrol Crimson Guardsman, but the Trooper?  Really?

Looks like a win on the surface.  I suppose that’s just me.