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Well, got my camera yesterday after work, and took a couple of hours getting familiar with the features and “breaking it in” a bit.  A very, VERY cool piece of equipment.  A much better zoom, higher resolution, manual aperture and shutter speed settings…this should work very well, even though I’m still learning a bit about shooting indoors with low light (as you’ll see in some collection pics).

Folks wanted some particular pictures, so here we go…the Comic Pack reviews are coming soon.  Keep in mind that this is just a tiny fraction of my collection, it’s just that most of it is stored away until I get a good display space for it.  My “toy room” got officially demoted once my daughter came 3 years ago (it was a worthwhile trade off for sure!) so I gotta take whatever space I can get.


Outdoor “Jungle Ops” Pics

That about covers the camera “breaking in” for now.  It performed remarkably well…I love it.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed, expect the Comic Pack reviews up by this weekend at the latest.