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Just wanted to give folks an update.  Now that I have the new camera, I’ve wrapped up shooting for the final installment of Ghosts (Episode 12).  I do want to warn folks, though, that it’s pretty much a “bridge” episode from Ghosts to Darkness Falls, and there isn’t a whole lot of action in it.  There will be an epilogue posted in a couple of weeks that has a bit more “flash” to it, but just didn’t want folks to be let down when this gets posted this weekend.

I’m also considering if there’s anything I should do between Ghosts and Darkness Falls.  DF is a BIG story…it’s sort of the culmination of my dio-story career, so it is going to take a looooong time to produce it.  So if anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Just keep in mind, any time I devote to an “in between” story will take time away from DF itself.  😉

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  I’ve got a neat surprise in mind for the production of Darkness Falls that I’m hoping people will enjoy.