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Notice the “new” in quotes.  :shifty:

There are no content changes yet, but the site has undergone a major facelift with a more “blog” feel to it.  As everyone has probably noticed the site was somewhat stagnant with few changes, not much updates, and not much excitement.

Well, I figure in this format even if there aren’t any new reviews, new dio-story chapters or what have you, I should at least be able to come up with something to type about on a daily basis.  And if you want to read it, I guess all the better.

I’ve tried to set this up kind of as a “news hub” as well with RSS feeds for YoJoe, JBL, and HissTank for all of the latest Joe news updates.  I also streamlined the reviews interface for easier access.  I’m hoping over time to make GeneralsJoes a bit more relevant again, or at least a place people try to visit on a daily or weekly basis, depending on their mood.

If not, it will at least give me an avenue to bore everyone with my idle chit chat.  😉

Anyway…  to be continued…