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Yeesh, so the blog has been running for all of like 48 hours and already I’ve got a “staff writer”…  :shifty:

Actually, that’s a total misnomer, more like a contributor.  Mike is a regular at several boards throughout G.I. Joe land, primarily JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines, but more importantly he’s smart, he writes well, and he’s a sports fan (as well as a Joe fan).  So that alone gives him 3 checks in the “win column”.  Of course, he loses about forty-three checks for being a Yankees, Colts, and Giants fan, but we can’t all be perfect.

Mike volunteered to write an article or two here or there as he feels the need, and I took him up on it, so expect some commentary now and again from him as well.  If you run into “Beach-Head” somewhere on the forums, that’s him.  Make sure to tell him how much Eli Manning sucks.