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If you’re seeing this page you’ve likely stumbled upon it while I’m working on revamping and updating the main page for my site, migrating it from a bland standard .html page to a more fluid, dynamic, “blog” page.  I’m not a huge fan of the whole blog dynamic, as I think it gives people a false air of superiority to believe that the events in their life are somehow more important because they talk about them, but I figured if I can’t fight it, join it.  😉

Seriously, this will kind of be a hub to my little corner of the world, internet and otherwise.  If you like it, keep visiting, if not, go away.  I’ll use this page to talk about action figure collecting primarily, but other things may come and go as well.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and hopefully it’ll generate more than the bi-weekly to monthly updates I’ve been shamefully doing over the past year.