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I know, I know…  first of all, I’ve been miserable on my update schedule for Ghosts, and it looks to be at least a few more weeks before that changes.  I’m still working whole hog on the two stories for JoeCanuck and the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, and that’s where my focus is at the moment.

But even though I’m not updating on a regular basis, I am putting updates up for Self-Modifier’s awesome G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers dio-story (with more episodes to come this weekend), and I figure I can also use this new blog as a format to point you towards some awesome dio-story resources online.

First of all, those of you not aware of JoeDios should definitely check it out.  Specifically their files page.  Some awesome, AWESOME Joescale paper goods and templates for some office accessories, wall patterns, etc…  very cool stuff out there.

So stick with me dio fans.  Even if I’m not doing my own stuff here, there will be more helpful info coming, maybe even some Photoshop tips and tricks as well.  😉