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I’ve already covered the Comic Packs over in the Comic Packs section, but I figured I’d cover the DTC Single Packs, 6-Packs, and Vehicles all in one whack.  One-stop shopping.  Even though I’ve got reviews linked up to JBL for the elusive “Wave 4” of DTC, expect more full-fledged reviews in the Exclusives section once the GI Joe Collectors’ Club gets their stuff out there.

Direct to Consumer Single Packs Wave 4:

  1. Airtight
  2. COBRA Night-Viper
  3. COBRA Officer
  4. Lt. Falcon
  5. Munitia
  6. Outback

Direct to Consumer Single Packs Wave 3:

  1. COBRA Trooper
  2. Grand Slam
  3. Low Light
  4. Med Alert
  5. Monkeywrench
  6. SAW-Viper

Direct to Consumer Single Packs Wave 2:

  1. Barrel Roll
  2. Footloose
  3. Major Bludd
  4. Range Viper
  5. Salvo
  6. Snow Serpent

Direct to Consumer Single Packs Wave 1:

  1. Crimson Guard
  2. Major Barrage
  3. Medi-Viper
  4. Scrap Iron
  5. Sgt. Mutt
  6. Spirit Iron Knife

Direct to Consumer 6-Packs:

  1. The Viper Pit
  2. Plague Troopers Vs. Steel Brigade
  3. Viper Lockdown
  4. B.A.T. Attack
  5. COBRA Night Watch

Direct to Consumer Vehicles:

  1. R.O.C.C.
  2. R.H.I.N.O.
  3. Night Ops Humvee
  4. H.I.S.S.
  5. Ice Sabre