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It’s official – Toy Soldiers go to war August 11th!

Wait… that’s like a week from now!

The wait is almost over, Joe fans, Ubisoft’s exciting new game Toy Soldiers: War Chest is almost here!  Watch G.I. Joe and Cobra face off against those insidious men in furry shorts as well as Assassins Creed and other various licensed properties.  We’ve showcased many of the videos here before, check them out below, and click the link afterwards for the full press release!

So who’s buying a Next Gen console for this thing?


New screens from game play of UbiSoft’s Toy Soldiers at ComicCon

At ComicCon today, the admin of HissTank attended a panel for Toy Soldiers: War Chest which showed off some gameplay for the upcoming toy based video game.  He took a ton of images of game play, which I’ve mirrored a few of below.  There are a ton more images over at so check them all out, and take a peek at a few of the great pictures below as well.

This looks like a pretty fun toy-based game with Rattlers, ground troops, and all sorts of stuff in between.

Check out the original article at HissTank and the images below.