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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Wave 4

Not one to shy away from an ambitious product launch, the folks at Boss Fight Studio Kickstarted four entire waves of product all at once, not to mention a number of exclusives, accessory sets, blanks and skeletons.  It’s almost insane to look back at the sheer amount of product involved in this initial barrage, while at the same time being very appreciative of that, because now we have a lot of fun stuff to take our time while we patiently await future product news.  🙂

I’ve been eagerly anticipating reviewing this particular wave of figures, mostly due to the inclusion of Stonefist, a character that I have some personal stake in.  The reviews for Wave 4 are now complete (as are reviews for all of the standard carded release figures so far) and you can find them on the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or directly linked below.



Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Stonefist

hacks-stonefist-01 hacks-stonefist-02

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The time has finally come.  A time that I often felt would never get here…


If folks have been paying attention, I’ve been singing the praises of the Stonefist character for a while, and for good reason.  First and foremost, I’ve been fortunate enough to call the folks involved with Boss Fight Studio friends of mine for a very long time.  I’ve known many of them for over a decade, and I couldn’t be prouder of their success.


During some conversations for the Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter, I had made an offhand suggestion about a “Gorgon Hunter” character who had been partially turned to stone, but somehow had survived and swore to bring the Gorgons to justice.  From that little nugget of an idea, the Boss Fight folks ran with it and Stonefist was born!  I am extremely excited to see the character fleshed out in plastic form, and I will endeavor to approach this review as impartial as I can, but I kind of consider Stonefist my baby, so that might be tough to do.  🙂


The concept behind Stonefist is that during his transformation into stone he carved out his own eyes to stop himself from looking at Medusa.  As a result of this, he was imbued with enhanced senses, and retained full functionality of his stone arm, making him perfectly equipped to track down every last Gorgon and eliminate them.


The base figure is a familiar formula, bald headed male figure with the same incredible sculpting and articulation we’ve seen elsewhere in the line.  When the base figure is as fantastic as this one is, it’s tough to complain about its reuse.  Obviously the most distinctive part of the figure is his left arm, decoed to look like an arm in mid stone transformation, and the texture is applied so nicely it looks very authentic.


Stonefist certainly appears to be Athenian, wearing the battle armor very similar to the Athenian Warrior in both texture and color, though his true history has been lost to the sands of time.  I love the brightly colored armor and its connection to Athens, although at this point, it’s tough to know whether it’s his armor or if he appropriated it during a particular hunt.

On his head there is some great deco work, representing the scars he incurred when he blinded himself during Medusa’s attack on him, and it’s another really neat touch to make the character unique.



Stonefist is loaded with some really awesome, interesting weaponry.  First, he has the standard battle helmet, only with some great face deco along the side flaps.  His shield is Athenian as well (another connection to that branch of the human army), only the eyes are scratched out as an homage to his own fate.  He has a sheath with two swords, a spear, and the same extra hands and battle stand that we’ve seen in times past.


Stonefist is awesome.  Obviously I’m a little biased, but I can’t get over how great the execution of this character is.  I love that he’s playing a strong role in the Gorgon war, and his bio card even seems to indicate his fate lies beyond the Greek Mythology timeline, which makes me giddy with anticipation of things to come.  His deco work is great, the unique accessories really carry the figure, and the fact that a character that I had some small part in creating is now a reality fills me with a sense of joy.  Being a small part of the toy world for three decades has given me some great opportunities over the years, and I consider this a highlight in all this work that I’ve done.  I can’t thank the Boss Fight folks enough for taking my little idea and really fleshing it out into someone incredible.

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It’s a monumental day in the Bell household, so hopefully folks can forgive my raging excitement and bias towards this figure. Stonefist is a lot of fun, and I think he makes for a very cool addition to the HACKS mythology, and I’m beyond excited to see him here in front of me in plastic form. The paint work is great and the Boss Fight folks did a stellar job fleshing out his character. Great stuff here.