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GI JOE convention exclusives, 1:18 scale military armor and aircraft!


Hello, all. We wanted to let you know about some fairly unique, harder-to-find items recently stocked here at SMALLJOES. First, we’ve added a large selection of GI JOE convention exclusive figures 2002 – 2016. Next, we’ve listed a large collection of boxed 1:18 scale military aircraft and armor. Take a look below for the details!




Looking to add some GI JOE convention exclusive figures to your collection? Listed now are nearly 200 figures that were exclusively sold by the GI JOE Collector’s Club at the yearly conventions from 2002 – 2016. All of these were very limited in their production runs and have never had any retail release. Don’t forget to check out our big selection of Figure Subscription Service carded figures. A nice selection is available from FSS 1 – FSS 4.




We’ve acquired for resale a large collection of 1:18 scale aircraft and armor. These are all from the familiar, beloved brands 21st Century Toys, BBI / Elite Force, Admiral Toys, JSI, etc. Unfortunate economic realities have caused production of these large, beautiful, and highly detailed models to cease but if you’re missing something from your collection you are likely to find it among the nearly 200 items we have listed.

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SMALLJOES.COM – Hundreds of new GI JOE vintage items, new Marvel, and more

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been having an enjoyable summer. We’ve been staying busy here, getting new product ready for you. See below for some of our newest additions.

It’s free GI JOE comic book time again! From now through the end of September, for every $25 in merchandise ordered you will receive a free, random GI JOE comic book (our choice). To qualify, your order must contain at least one GI JOE-branded item.

Small Joes buys GI JOE, 1:18 scale military, and other collections. If you are thinking about selling please contact them through the customer service form on the website.

Small Joes has recently added over 600 vintage GI JOE figures and vehicles 1982 – 1994. 99% of their listings in the vintage category are complete and in excellent condition (any exceptions noted on product page).

Small Joes have a complete in-stock selection of all Marvel Universe 4″ and Marvel Legends 6″ action figures released in 2015. This includes the Avengers, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man lines. You can purchase figures individually, or save $ and purchase by the assortment set.

Small Joes has added several new 1:6 scale military action figures. Dragon In Dream (DiD) U.S. Navy SEAL CNSWG-4 22nd SBT (Special Boat Team), “Weimy” as appeared in the movie Act of Valor. Also, U.S. Army Pilot / Air Crew by Soldier Story and U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team by DAM Toy. These are all ultra-high quality collectibles with intricately detailed real cloth uniforms and gear.

Small Joes’ APEX Action Figure Display Case is in-stock! The case includes three parts: a crystal clear poly-styrene base, a stand, and cover. The cover fits snugly around the base to keep out unwanted dust. The stand is designed to fit neatly inside of the case and to maximize space for display of 3 3/4″ – 4″ (roughly 1:18 scale) action figures, or other figurines and collectibles of similar size. Made 100% in the U.S.A. The popular APEX Tiered Display Stand is currently out of stock but Small Joes is taking pre-orders now for a late September delivery.

Small Joes also have in the Clearance Aisle a lot of cool stuff at low prices. GI JOE Retaliation, Indiana Jones, Marvel 4″ figures, GI JOE t-shirts, Gears of War 3 4″ figures, 1:6 scale figures, and much much more! News Update – * Big restock loose GI JOE 25th Anniv. + Marvel sale *

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Your best source on the web for GI JOE and other military toys,
models, and collectibles!

Hi everyone, we have some news updates about some new product listings and
items on sale.


We’ve just listed a complete collection of loose mint 25th Anniversary GI JOE
figures.  This includes all of the store exclusives, comic packs, and boxed
set figures.  Also included in this round of updates is about 75 loose mint
Rise of Cobra figures, including a variety of figures from the store-
exclusive sets.

Don’t forget about our other recent update of hundreds of figures from years


We’re having an inventory draw-down event on the Marvel Universe 4″ figures
right now.  Great deals with figures on sale between $5.99 – $8.99 each.
This event ends at midnight on November 30th, or while supplies allocated to
sale last.

You can view the sale figures here:

And, our complete section of Marvel figures here:

and here:

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Now through August 10, 2014 we’re having a buy one, get one free sale on
all GI JOE books and comics.*

For each GI JOE book or comic you buy you can take an additional book or
comic of equal or lesser value free.  All GI JOE-themed books and comics
apply to this promotion including any which may be marked with a sale

Here’s how to place your order:

Just put all of the items that you want into your shopping cart then
submit your order per usual.  Please note that your shopping cart and order
confirmation will not show the discounted pricing.

Upon receipt of your order we’ll send out an updated order confirmation which
will have the pricing adjusted for your free comic books.

Be sure to check out all of our sections under the main menu heading:

GI JOE – Comic Books

We also have more GI JOE books under:

GI JOE – Other Collectibles / Books & Publications

* Regular shipping charges still apply to your entire order.

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SMALLJOES.COM Staff Update – * New vintage GI JOE listings and more *

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New product information and other news for spring!


We have recently added a large vintage collection of figures to the web
site.  This includes a number of rarer items such as mail-in premiums,
vehicle drivers, Night Force, and others.

Be sure to check out the Vintage and Loose menu section by year.

The 2014 GI JOE convention is now behind us but we’ve brought back
a few exclusives from the show, most of which sold out there.
You can find those in the club/convention exlusive section:

Publication of most of IDW’s GI JOE comic series are taking a break for
a few months.  This is an idea time to get caught up on the issues you’ve
missed.  We have a big selection of GI JOE back issues from the various
IDW and Devil’s Due series.  Fill the holes in your collection today!

Our remaining GI JOE t-shirt selection is on sale for just $4.99 per shirt!


Wave 2 and 3 of the Marvel 3.75″ Infinite series figure assortments are
now available for pre-order.  Figures in these waves include Death’s
Head, Ares, Antman, Deathlok, and many more.

Captain America 2 movie figures are in stock and available for shipment.
See the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America menu section for those listings.


We have full stock and selection of all of Unimax’s Forces of Valor 1:32
scale die-cast military models, historical and modern.  Stop by today
to check out the jeeps, tanks, transports, artillery pieces, and more!

In addition to our Forces of Valor selection we have some old stock of
1:32 scale tank models from the now-defunct 21st Century Toys.  We
have the Jagdpanzer Hetzer, an Sd. Kfz 139 Marder III, and a Panzer 38(t).
I believe none of these three have been done in this scale elsewhere.


Be sure to check out our clearance aisle for ultra-low prices on items we
want to move out of inventory.  Great, inexpensive gift ideas!  We also
have some very good deals here on an assortment of 1:6 scale military

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